Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting Started

Watercolour classes resume next week, so it is time to get started here. I dug up a moist half-frozen handful of these early garden lovelies, settled them in a dollar store ceramic pot and brought them into the house to paint their portrait. My approach is always analytical - first the drawing, then a groundwork of faint colour, then preliminary shadows and shading, followed by more colour, more intense shadows and shading, layers of fine glazes, until the whole approaches a finished state. Time slips by and the bars of sunlight move across the table - my ideal studio would have western exposure for a longer visit with the sun - and still the snowdrops need finishing details, the green markings inside the bells of the flowers, the fine stripes on the leaves, beads of moisture here and there, until finally it seems complete. There is never time enough in a two-hour art class to get to this final polished look, except in a very small painting. And art teachers never tell their students to paint small!


  1. My goodness, you completed that lovely painting in two hours? Well done! Best wishes.


  2. snowdrops are my mother's favourites are they up already ?

  3. I have just danced into your blog from some place else, and just know it is one I want to follow. Seeing those snowdrops (in flower already?) reminds me of the time I potted some up to take to art class; I had to make an emergency stop on the way and the pot fell off the car seat. My painting wasn't that brilliant and it had nothing to do with their disheveled look!

  4. Oops - I have neglected this other blog of mine. Thank you Sea-Blue, bad penny and Wild Somerset Child for your kind comments. And for reminding me,WSC, that I have this one to attend to as well! It was intended to be a spot for my art students, to look further at what we have been doing in class.
    There are still two more classes before Christmas - I'll try to get something up!